15 февр. 2011 г.

Band: Mayhem
Album: Grand Declaration Of War
Genre: Industrial Black Metal
Year: 2000
Label: Season Of Mist
1.A Grand Declaration of War04:14
2.In the Lies Where Upon You Lay05:59
3.A Time to Die01:48
4.View From Nihil (Part I of II)03:04
5.View From Nihil (Part II of II)01:16
6.A Bloodsword and A Colder Sun (Part I of II)00:33
7.A Bloodsword and A Colder Sun (Part II of II)04:27
8.Crystalized Pain In Deconstruction04:09
9.Completion In Science of Agony (Part I of II)09:44
10.To Daimonion (Part I of III)03:25
11.To Daimonion (Part II of III)04:52
12.To Daimonion (Part III of III)00:07
13.Completion In Science of Agony (Part II of II)02:14

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